tawny kerr


Ritual and Randomness: an eye lounge members exhibition


I am very excited to be presenting a new work for our annual eye lounge members show opening March 16th, 2018. This work is the result of an experiment in incorporating sound and video into a sculptural assemblage, a first for me within my practice. I was reflecting on the ritual of storytelling and the strange, serendipitous ways the world reveals itself to us, building upon previous themes of memory, place and landscape in my work.


Eye Lounge is pleased to present Ritual and Randomness, an Eye Lounge members exhibition during Art Detour.

As a society, we typically think of ritual in terms of life’s big events – births, weddings, deaths, religious rites, and so on. Generally, we don’t consider the behaviors of our life as ritual, particularly the repetitive every-day ordinary behaviors as something other-than or greater-than itself.

This exhibition is designed to make you consider the ordinary as the extraordinary, the ordinary as something more than itself. To reconsider the randomness of our actions, events, or behaviors with fresh eyes, a new perspective, and introspection. To question the ritual and randomness of your own life.

Eye Lounge is a central Phoenix artist-run collective gallery that often pushes the boundaries of art. The gallery is committed to fostering emerging and established visual artists.

Ritual and Randomness is a member exhibition of personal exploration and questioning.

Exhibiting members: Samantha Lyn Aasen, Kit Abate, Bob Allen, Malena Barnhart, Ashley Czajkowski, Tawny Kerr, Ellen Nemetz, Kazuma Sambe, Tess Mosko Scherer, Kim Sweet, Rossitza Todorova, Danielle Wood.

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